Friday, 13 October 2017

Recent Work

Hi there!

The last few months have been pretty busy at the RD Studio (in reality my home office). Two exciting children's book projects and the ramping up of work on my comic book "Stick It To 'Em!" Which is coming on nicely and will hopefully be out before Christmas.

The first project was "Franklin" by Allanah Hunt. A cute story about a proudly overweight pussy cat. I was delighted to be able to base the titanic Franklin on my own British shorthair cat Winston. Unfortunately he had to be put down during this period so I now see this book as a tribute to his awesomeness! RIP Winston!

I'm really proud of the work I have done for this book and look forward to seeing it for sale in the very near future. Here are some examples from the book.

Above is the wrap-around cover. 

Below are two examples of the interior doublepage spreads.

The second project I have worked on recently a new series for Kindle called "The Drawliners" by Crystal Robins. Book One is called "Chocks Away". This was a lot of fun designing these new characters and illustrating their adventures.This should be available on Kindle very soon. I will post links for both this and Franklin when they become available.

Below is the cover and a few examples of the story pages. Unlike Franklin this was designed to be a published only on Kindle. 

 When these books become available I will post links.


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