Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Brennan B2 Cartoons!

Working as a freelance illustrator has its ups and downs but one of the best things about it is that you never know what jobs and clients are around the corner! I think we freelanders are a strange bunch but this aspect is exciting to us.

I love nothing more than getting an email or phone call from a new client inquiring about my services. Last year I got a call from Martin Brennan, the man behind the B2 music system! He endeared himself to me immediately by expressing his appreciation of cartoons and how they can/should be used as info-graphics or conveying a playful tone to dry subjects.

Martin wanted a number of fun cartoons showing himself as a total Boffin and Physics genius immersed in his work to be used on his website. This is the sort of job I love! Fun and fast. 

This is how they go... I get a call, we discuss the needs of the client and a fee is agreed upon, then I crack on with it! No lengthy waiting periods for bloated teams of editors, marketing departments and designers make a decision. 

Within a few days it goes from intial contact to delivery of finished artwork that the client loves!

Wham Bam!

Here are some of the images I produced for Martin Brennan...

I love the oppotunity to produce black and white cartoons!