Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Boffin Brainchild

As an illustrator it's a real thrill to see the fruits of your labour. To see the finished product of whatever it was that you helped out with. You'd think that common courtesy would mean that copies of books or leaflets or posters would be sent out to those responsible for its creation but unfortunately, in my experience this is pretty rare.

But this just makes the occasions when you are given the final product all the more exciting and special. Wow, you can actually show your nearest and dearest the proof of your illustrative success! The thrill of actually holding something physical is still better than looking at a screen.

And so to last week when a package thumped through my letterbox. Jill Jennings, author of Boffin Brainchild had emailed the day before asking if I had moved in the months since we had last corresponded. Having replied that I hadn't Royal Mail stepped up to plate and delivered the paperback in less than 24 hours! Good work lads!

Anyway, when I opened the parcel I was bowled over. It looks so good! And with the endorsement from Michael Morpurgo blazoned on the front is the icing on the cake. 

It's a great read!

It's out on 26th September 2013.

Front cover with cool sticker

Back cover

Proof to Mother
Original cover image